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Minnesota Dental Surgery provides dental patients with the care they need in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.

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Idealize Your Patient Comfort and Outcome

The Care a Patient Needs in the Environment They Know and Trust – Yours!

We bring the expertise of an oral surgery center into the neighborhood dentist office giving patients the comfort of having procedures performed in a familiar and welcoming environment. Our team of dental surgeons is fully certified and licensed to perform oral surgical procedures throughout the State of Minnesota. With decades of experience, we are committed to providing each patient with the most professional and comfortable services possible in the environment they know and trust.
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Working With Minnesota Dental Surgery is Easy, Convenient, and Beneficial for Your Patients!

Save your patients’ time and money.
Keep your patients comfortable in a familiar environment.
Easily work alongside our dental surgeons throughout the process.
Convenient scheduling options make it simple to find a time that works for you and your patient.
We bring all the necessary equipment, you just supply the dental chair that your patients are used to.
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Offer Your Patients the Best Dental Care Possible

Your hectic day-to-day schedule doesn’t allow for dental surgery procedures but, you’d love to help your patients avoid the hassle and discomfort of traveling to an unfamiliar surgery center. Minnesota Dental Surgery has the solution! Our licensed and professional dental surgeons are qualified to perform a range of oral surgery procedures right in a patient’s home dentist office.

These procedures include: wisdom tooth removal, anesthesia services, dental extractions, and dental implants. Let your patients know there is a more convenient and affordable option for their upcoming dental procedure and partner with Minnesota Dental Surgery today!
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Minnesota Dental Surgery & Implant Center brings highly trained skills often found in a large dental surgery center to a friendly neighborhood office environment. Our licensed dentists have special training in various dental procedures including dental extractions, implants, and sedation.

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