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The Latest Dental Implant and Tooth Removal Technology

With so many different procedures and options in today’s dental field, the vast majority of dentists do not have time, training, or equipment to perform all of them.

At Minnesota Dental Surgery & Implant Center, our licensed and professional general dentists provide all-inclusive solutions for the most common tooth removal and replacement procedures performed outside of a patient’s regular dentist office.
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Our Experienced Team Specializes In:

Tooth Removal
Single, multiple, and even wisdom tooth extractions can be performed at a time to meet the patient’s needs.
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Full Mouth Implant Solutions
Did you know that you can transition from a set of broken teeth to a fixed implant dental solution in a single day?
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Single-Tooth Dental Implants
For individuals with missing teeth, dental implants overcome many of the limitations of dentures and bridges.
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Ceramic Dental Implants
White in color, Zirconia implants can blend more efficiently with gum tissue and have less potential for sensitivity compared to their metal counterparts.
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Minnesota Dental Surgery & Implant Center’s team has decades of experience in providing the highest quality services to their patients. We are general dentists whom are passionate about performing oral surgical procedures. We take extra care to ensure each patient feels at ease the moment they come into our office.
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From wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, and extractions, trust the professional staff at Minnesota Dental Surgery to provide you with expert care in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

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