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Minnesota Dental Surgery & Implant Center is pleased to support our patients' insurance providers and provide alternative financial solutions.

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CareCredit is an easy-to-use financing option for out-of-pocket dental and medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance or for those who don’t have dental insurance. 

How Does CareCredit Work? 

Similar to a credit card, CareCredit offers periods with little to no interest, allowing you to pay for essential care without worrying about the financial ramifications. This method is perfect if you want to split up treatment costs upfront into more manageable monthly payments. 

Depending on your need and circumstances, CareCredit offers a variety of short and long-term financing options. Shorter-term options range from 6-24 months, where no interest is charged as long as the minimum monthly amount is paid, with the total amount paid by the end of the agreed-upon term. You can learn more about their long-term financing options on their website

Does this sound like it’d make a world of difference? Apply for CareCredit below. PLEASE NOTE: This program is subject to credit approval.

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Proceed Finance

If you don’t have dental insurance, another option is Proceed Finance, which offers fixed-rate loans with manageable monthly payments. Their prequalification is notably quick, so you can get the assistance you need without a long wait time.

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