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Tired of the hassle and discomfort that comes with dentures?

Consider Full Mouth Implants

For those who want the closest alternative to natural teeth, All on 4 is an exciting option that gives you non-removable dental arches secured by dental implants. At MN Dental Surgery, the procedure can be accomplished on the same day so you leave with a smile. All on 4 is the ideal option for patients who want a smile that stays in place permanently. Get started today by scheduling a free consultation with our team!

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Why Choose Minnesota Dental Surgery for Your Full Mouth Implant Smile?

  • One Appointment Same-Day Sedation, Extraction, and Immediate Provisional Implant Supported Bridge
  • Precision Guided Surgical Approach with NSequence to Ensure an Ideal Outcomes
  • Advanced Training in Implant Placement with Over Two Decades of Combined Implant Experience
  • Skill with Wide-Body Implants that may Prevent the Need for a Sinus Lift

…patients can have a light-weight full mouth implant solution that stays in place like normal teeth. The implant bridge can be supported by as little as four implants, a concept that was pioneered by, and is often referred to as All-On-Four®1. Although depending on your unique situation, 5 or 6 implants to support each dental arch may often be recommended during treatment planning to optimize your long-term outcome.

1. All-On-Four is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare.

The major benefit of an implant supported full arch bridge is that it can be contoured to mimic natural gum tissues. The contour of the bridge can be made much less extensive than a convention denture, which gives the patient more tongue space, especially on the roof of the mouth.  An Implant supported bridge can be designed to stay fixed in place with screws, only retrievable by dental professionals, or with locators that allows the patient to snap the bridge in and out.

Also, since the bridge will require more implants than other full arch implant options, the bony contour of the jaws maintains better, which in turn keeps facial esthetics more ideal with age. However, it still requires regular brushing and cleaning like teeth to prevent gum disease around the implants, as well as periodic cleanings by a dental professional.

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